Africa: Brown, Blue, and Green

Hello to all!!

I have been wanting to post this article as it makes me feel closer to all of you when I write it and, of course, I have the solid commitment of letting you know how things are going with the project so here we go!


I told you on my last article that the first stone was already in its place in the foundations of the school, right? well, the first bricks are now in place too! Just writing about it is exciting. One of the parts of one of the walls reaches my stomach but there is still a lot to do.


Problems keep coming from all directions as usual. One of the worst is that not all the materials are available. Even the tiniest thing is a whole challenge so there is no other choice than getting far out there to get those materials which means many miles and new headaches :) This project is a huge adventure. No doubt. Every night I go to bed with my head full of things to solve but giving up is not an option so whatever it is, it will be overcome.


I truly believe that Murphy was Congolese but when I see those smily kids waiting for it to be finished the bad things disappear from my mind and only the good stay. It is great to know their smiles will never end.


You would not believe how many languages I hear being spoken during the day. Alur, Lingala, Swahili, French, and so many others. Here, at least, every person speaks four and that would be like “Gee, so few, huh?”. My French is far from good but I use it every day to keep things running. Sometimes I learn new words in local languages and use them too. They laugh a lot when I do but they appreciate it.


The two persons that came with me, David and Sergio, are adapting themselves decently to the environment. They certainly flip out with all the stuff happening around them but their are coping with it all so far. At the same time, they are being witnesses of the whole thing which is great. They have patience!


Today, finally, I can publish some photos of the building and others for you to see how this all looks like. I hope you like them. In any case, if you wish to know how I live Africa myself even if only just a little, try the following:


If you wish, you could accompany this with a song like Voices by Dario G (or any other that starts slowly and then gets faster or no music at all) and when it starts, close your eyes. Imagine that you are standing on a path, deep brown, not very wide, that goes all the way to the horizon. On both sides there is grass, green and long up to your waist. There are a few trees and a couple of huts scattered in the distance, and the rest of the image is an intense blue sky.


Extend your arms until you can touch the grass with your fingers and start walking slowly. Your eyes aim the sky and every breath is pure air. You start walking faster and your shoes start getting mud all over, you are now running, a smily kid says hello on your right, you keep running, an old women looks at you with curiosity from the left and now your shoes are fully covered by mud, your feet are very heavy but you go faster and faster being aware that, some how, you have never run so fast and that the sky has never hugged you that way.


See you all soon!!

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