One of the school buildings in the DRC is almost done

Make a Donation to Support this DRC Education Project

I, of course, have already committed the initial funds for this upcoming DRC education project. The first school that was built was funded entirely by me personally (with my savings). This one will be done together, and will eliminate the operational costs of NGO’s, Foundations, or other kinds of entities. We’ll be doing this on our own.

If you are able to make a donation, I will be eternally thankful. It could be $1, $10, $100, $1,000, $5,000, or any other. The amount is up to you and every bit counts. *Donations to this education project can be gifted and a certificate of recognition will be provided for the recipient.

To give you an idea of what your donation can do, here are some examples:

  • $20 can supply 180 bricks (of the 80,000 needed).

  • $50 can supply a set of 5 adequate desks (of the 125 needed).

Donor Recognition Levels:

All donors will: have their donations recognized on Mzungu Project’s social media platforms if desired; receive a donation certificate; be informed of all news; and be given complete transparency on the use of funds with the certainty to see results.

Good Doer: $1-100

Good doers will have their name included on the roof of the school building. For those that wish to donate $50 or more, they will instead have their name included on one of the bricks used for the school walls.

Hero: $101-500

Heros will be featured on a special section of the Mzungu Project website (if desired), in addition to having their name displayed on a brick.

Superhero: $500+

Superheros will have a school desk dedicated to them, in addition to being featured on the Mzungu Project website (if desired).

Mzungu Project Benefactor

Donors wishing to contribute $5,000 or more will have a classroom named after them.

To go even further, once the budget is reached, one donor will have the opportunity to live the experience in the field for a period of time. The basis for the selection of this fortunate person is soon to be published. For most, this will be the adventure of his/her life. Guaranteed. Importantly, he/she will be a witness to the use of donations and how those are advancing education in the DRC.

* Please note that the “Send acknowledgment via postal mail” option in the “Tribute Gift” is not available at the moment.
* No Paypal account needed. You can safely use your credit card with Paypal.

Donation Information

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Tribute Gift

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Donor Information

Please do not display my name publicly. I would like to remain anonymous

* If you prefer to make your donation via wire transfer, check or any other means, please contact me here.

And remember, if you have doubts, questions, comments, suggestions, etc., you can always send me a message here.

I wait for you all!