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Mzungu Project SchoolDear all!!

I have been trying to post this articles for a long time now and finally it has seen the light!

I am already in the Congo and my connection limitations are huge. I had to do a whole set of logistics to publish this text but I wanted to keep you updated!

To start this post, I would like first to do a small summary of the most recent events regarding Mzungu Project so that we are all on the same page, ok?

First of all, I want to mention something that happened during my birthday (not that long ago). Mi elder sister Lara and my nephew Jacobo gave me a can opener as a gift. I did not know what for! to later give me a can full of coins they had been saving for the project for a few months. It was quite moving. You guys are great. Then my mother and my younger sister gave me a piggybank they had been filling up (by the whole family) for years!! I was about to cry. I instantly opened the can and broke the piggybank with a hammer. That moment, all together will remain in my memory forever. My family is my greatest treasure!

I have created a new page where you can see the latest (except for those I have not had time to update) appearances in the media. You can hear my first interview in English at The Leslie Marshall Show with Leslie Marshall here. Click here to see them all. There are also a few others in Spanish and the latest TVE (main Spanish TV network) feature here.

The Partners sections has been also updated with the most recent ones: Panasonic and Powerspot. You can read about them here. They are amazing at what they do!

I also attended a small fundraising dinner for the project thanks to It was great, new friends joined the cause, and we all enjoyed wonderful Ethiopian dishes (no Congolese restaurant in Madrid!).

Finally, two invitees have joined me to help with the audiovisual needs of the project. Sergio Formoso and David Vega. They will witness the whole adventure and will have to work a lot too! I know many of you wanted to come along and I thank you all for your interest but, in the end, budget and specifics skills have been the factors involved. In any case, as I want to make the project self-sustainable, more of you will be able to come with me. We will do more and better!

As for the project itself, so far I can say that, after many days of rains, looooong driving miles, lots of problems, disease, and what not… I have already decided where to build the school! And it was yesterday that the first stone is already set there! In front of me, lots of challenges, obstacles, and hard work. Who said this would be easy? Building so far from civilization is really tough but nothing is impossible.

Up to this point, it has been mainly problems but I will start telling you about them (as well as about the progress of the school) soon.

For some reason, uploading photos has not been possible but hope to be able when possible. Sorry for that.

I do not want to say good-bye for now without thanking those of you who have donated while I was here. The budget is not complete and all counts so I was very happy to receive new donors!! THANKS!

Lots of hugs to all and please be patient if it takes me too long to answer your messages. I will answer them all sooner or later. Promised.

See you all soon again!!!

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