Hello all!

2I hope this finds you all well particularly now that all these sad events are happening everywhere.

Not much has changed in the Congo lately except for the fact that the pick-up that was being used for the project has broken down. Now that the tractor was fixed… In any case, if we only have to be sad for material things, we got plenty of other things that make us smile every day.

I wanted to tell you too that the dinner that was organized last March was a total success! Gonder Restaurant did a great job. We had the chance to taste Ethiopian traditional food, enjoy the coffee ceremony, and their local bread (we even took some home as a present). All of that in our own private space decorated in an Ethiopian style. We made new friends, shared our passion for giving back and I thank you all for coming. Also thanks to the restaurant staff.


And it was such a success that we will do it again! On June, 30th! It will be organized with who are always keen to help (thank you guys). If you are members of you can sign up there. If not, please send me an email directly to and I will sign you up (you can write me directly even if you are a member of Like last time, spots are limited so I kindly ask you to get in touch with me at your earliest convenience to secure your spot, ok?

During the dinner I will talk about the actual estatus of the project and will answer all your questions. Hope to see you all there! And spread the word!

Lots of hugs and thank you again and always for your interest in Mzungu Project.


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