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Hello again!

Foto GorkaI mentioned recently that there was another awesome surprise coming, right? Well, time to tell has come…

Some time before our arrival to the Congo, when I was in the search of people to come and live the experience, I had a long conversation with a great Spanish actor who was very interested in Mzungu Project. The possibility of living this epic adventure for a period of time right on the Congolese mud made him react quickly with a strong: “I want to go right away!!!”. At that moment, we had no clear dates or even if logistics would allow his visit but NOW IT IS CONFIRMED!!!

And who is this actor? GORKA OTXOA! Internationally awarded and nominated to the Goya for “Pagafantas” by Borja Cobeaga, Gorka has worked extensively on film (“Los miércoles no existen“, “Lobos de Arga“, and “Bypass” among others), theatre (“La Ratonera“, “Hamlet” and many other plays), and television (starring very successful Spanish series such as “Velvet“, “Águila Roja“, or “Cuestión de sexo“). Top notch actor in Spain!

His big heart has made him help a few charities in the past but had never been on the field and particularly not involved in such a special project as Mzungu Project is. A dream will come true for him and we will be happy to have him here in the mud. He is not really aware of what he will be facing during his time with us but that is something we will all discover after his arrival… WELCOME! (you are going to flip out…)

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By the way, if you missed the feature video last Saturday on Spanish television TVE, you can watch it here (from minute 7:10). Or to see them all, click here.

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