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Hello all!

I am writing this post to tell you a few things.

Regarding the school, not a lot of news after the last post. As for the Congo itself, still tense calm given the last events (particularly those that have not happened like the change in government).

On other things, I would like to publicly thank all those people that have approached me lately with proposals to help Mzungu Project. Seeing that there is other people out there using their time to improve the life of others is quite rewarding.

17 - 1For example, at the end of last year, a small flea market was set at Burbuja Creativa to raise some funds with a great success. Thanks for your efforts Beatriz! Other initiatives will be undertaken if applicable (on the ground in the Congo or any other place) that I will be revealing when the time comes for you to participate, share, simply to know about it.

For the moment, the big fundraising events will take place when the next project/building is well defined and close to happen. Meanwhile, small events from time to time will be held to inform you and, sometimes, to raise small funds to cover specific expenses and small fixes related to the project.

The next one will be a dinner on March, 24 in Madrid! As there is no Congolese restaurant in the capital, an Ethiopian one has been the place of choice. Ethiopian food is one of the most popular from the forgotten continent and there are plenty of restaurants around the world to prove it. I actually to love it too!

This dinner is being arranged with the help of and I open the doors to all of you to come to the event. If you are members of Internations (which I recommend you as they have events for all tastes around the globe), you can see the details there. If not, which is likely, please send me an email to and I will reply with the details and answer any questions you might have. Spots are limited due to space so I kindly ask you to get in touch with me at your earliest convenience to secure your spot, ok?

During the dinner I will talk about the great endeavor the building of the last school has been, the actual estatus of the school, and will answer all your questions. An amazing opportunity to get to know each other in person!

I say good-bye for now. Lots of hugs and thank you for your interest in Mzungu Project.


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