Dear friends,

I hope you have a great holidays and that 2018 brings lots of joy to all of you!

JA Presentando un vídeo de Proyecto MzunguI take this opportunity to tell you that last December, 21st I presented Mzungu Project at Escuela Ideo (Madrid) during their 4th Solidarity Yearly Event.

Escuela Ideo is a school that aims at “educating happy, healthy, aware, and solidary students… in order to make a good, fair, and beautiful world.”. Like Mzungu Project, they are focused on making a better future.

Besides the lively solidarity flea market, two speeches were offered. The second was mine but… Do you know who acted as “opener”? No other than Doctors Without Borders. We must be doing something right!! From here, my appreciation to Escuela Ideo and all the great people I met there.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that there is still a chance to participate by painting or drawing for the exhibition of the project that will take place next semester as I mentioned in my previous post (you can read it here).

Once again, thank you all for your interest in Mzungu Project and I hope you enjoy these days  to the fullest with your beloved ones.



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