Lights and Shadows in DRC

We are back to tell you the news! On one side, lights, on the other, unfortunately shadows.


The lights:

The construction is not going bad at all. Materials were found and bought and new help from different sources was added. Now both buildings have wonderful and solid walls. Cool, huh? It is actually very exciting to see them because, despite the fact that more bricks will be used, there is no roof yet, and a million things are still missing, the site looks big and awesome!


The team is well integrated and is not surprised by facing a new problem every day. You get used to it I guess. More than a: “What are we eating today?” which has an easy answer as we eat more or less the same every day), it is a: “What´s the problem of the day?”. But hey, we face it and move on.


_9260759The shadows:

These last weeks we have encountered many realities that destroy this country. Armed conflicts bring so much destruction in so many ways that hurts a lot.


It is quite sad seeing how one of the richest countries in the world (in resources) is at the same time one of the poorest (additionally to the uncommonly deep suffering of its people). I truly hope that generations to come do not get to see what we have seen. I will tell you one day for sure but I would not want to ruin your day.


We have also faced rough moments beyond insecurity. Like that women we took to the nearest dispensary and died the next day or that girl with her totally burnt body we took home from the “hospital”. And I could go on and on but I will not.


What I would like you to see is that life and death are every day business here but we should not just accept it, should we?


You cannot be discouraged either because it is particularly education in the long term who will help development. “Our” children, those who walk aimlessly around every day but always smiling are the true engine of Mzungu Project and it is for them that we are doing what we do.


And I mean all of us, you there and us here. Those who have helped in any way. People and companies, with more or with less, ALL! and I take advantage of this opportunity to thank you all again!


We will keep going all the way. There is still to go but we are not that far any more from accomplishing our goal!!!


See you all soon again!

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