The kids and Jose Antonio Ruiz Diez are waiving

Who is this Mzungu?

José Antonio Ruiz Díez was born in Spain on a sunny winter day of 1974.

Despite a somewhat financially difficult childhood, he obtained a degree in International Business Administration through the help of a scholarship. His attitude towards life placed him on the fast track in the corporate world, within a variety of industries.

Work, studies, and love led him to live most of his life in 11 different countries across all of the continents. Being an avid traveler, he also continued to explore the most remote corners of this planet on his own.

However by the age of 33, having become financially self-sufficient, he decided to leave it all to give back to others. He had no need for a faster car or a bigger house. Today, he has no car and his apartment is far from big.

As a normal person that has faced death in seven occasions, he has chosen to have an intense and purposeful life. This is what led him to Mzungu Project.

He is ready to hear how you want to make a difference in Africa.


And what does Mzungu and how is it pronounced?

Mzungu is a Swahili word that means “explorer”, “European”, “white person”, “foreigner”… but it literally means “wanderer”.

The easiest way to pronounce it would be “moo-zoon-goo” and a more accurate way would be “muh-zoon-goo”. Both perfectly understood!

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