Hello all!! We are back!!!

We just arrived from DRC after three and a half months of incredible adventures, countless problems, sad tears, a bunch of sweat, deep tiredness, heartbreaking times, unasked for theft, long roads, and huge tensions.


On the other hand, a period loaded with wonderful smiles, solid determination, great moments, vital experiences, unusual understanding, long-lasting friendships, incredible landscapes, and star-packed nights. I could go on but will not or I will never finish this post ever. :)


Lots of things have happened since my last post. Good and bad. As usual, a whole lot of problems. What I can tell you about challenges and problems is that, when you face so many and varied, you have no time to have a hard time for something that just happened.


For example, a few weeks ago, my computer, together with a painful amount of cash were stolen from me. What do you do? You keep going and face the next problem. No time to cry. You need to focus on what you are committed to do.


It is a bit like when your finger hurts but suddenly you hit your knee against a table and you forget your finger. In this case, though, after hitting your knee, someone stabs you on the back followed by a plant pot falling on your head and all this right before being run over by a truck and finished off by a lightning.


But this is a happy moment and the most important thing is that THE SCHOOL IS ALREADY BUILT!!! YAYYYYY!! YEPEEEEEE!!! So much time and effort have been a success and we can proudly say the WE ALL HAVE MADE IT. Tough? A lot. Possible? I told you we would do it and you can now see the results.


These last weeks the roofs and their support structures have been built (one fell off due to strong wind when setting it up!!), so were the windows, floors, walls, desks… Tremendous work!! As I said, you can now see the results.


So, the first thing I want to do is to THANK YOU ALL GREATLY. To all those of you who have helped because, without you, this phase of the project would not have been possible. To those who have participated economically, with effort, or in any other way (people, companies, and media), to those who have worked at or around the construction site day after day, to Sergio and David who came with me not knowing what they would face, to my friend Ignacio for his generosity, to Gorka for trusting me and for his visit, to the inhabitants of Meia and, of course, to my family for their unconditional support.


Having said that, I tell you that I will send you the photos of your very own bricks as I promised and will also deliver the pending certificates soon.

Gorka Otxoa came, indeed. And I am sure he had the experience of his life. One he will never forget (well, I think no one will). It was a pleasure having him with us being a direct witness of how things were done in such an environment and actively participating on the construction. There were moments that will bring a lot of talk and I will tell you the details of his visit because it was intense. But I will not reveal anything now…


In fact, I will tell you lots of things because this does not end here at all. For now, I just wanted to inform you that the school is finished. There are many details to polish, of course, and will be covered with the latest contributions that have arrived recently and just on time (thanks again!). But children will be able to start using the school which is the most important thing. Now the community also needs to fulfill their obligations and the school year start. How exciting!!!


A phase finishes for many. In my case, I new one kicks off. One that will take some time. I will begin preparing the videos one day you will be able to see. It has been so epic and so many things have happened that you will not believe it. We almost did not believe it ourselves and we had them right in front of us.


All those great lights, those pitiful shadows, those happy or terrible moments, those unprecedented adventures, and also all those smiles. Many of those images will be striking, some devastating… I am warning you… But we want and must tell it all. It will take time but stay tuned…


I am totally positive all this effort will make Mzungu Project self-sustainable and, though it is a great challenge, determination is there and more alive than ever.

On the personal side, I will use the coming days to reflect, to see all this odyssey from high above, and I will go far, very far to do it but you know me, I will always have a moment for you.


Thanks again to you all. I will come back soon with lots of stuff. For now, I will just disclose that there will be soon many and cool surprises (already working on them) and also opportunities to meet.

Huge hugs and see you soon!


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