Mzungu Project live on the radio this Saturday!


Note – March, 13th: if you did not have a chance to listen to it live, click here (from 1:27:13 to 1:55:15).

Te Doy Mi Palabra

Click on the picture to listen to it live!

Dear friends,

I write this quick post to let you know that tomorrow, Saturday March 12th, somewhere between 9:00am and 10:00am (Madrid time), I will be talking about Mzungu Project on the famous radio show Te Doy Mi Palabra by Isabel Gemio on Onda Cero.

Te Doy Mi Palabra is one of the most popular radio shows in Spain. A show that has won lots of prizes with a top of the line host: Isabel Gemio. A true honor.

It will be broadcasted live in Spanish.

Do not miss it and please share it!

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