Just a few days ago, Mzungu Project signed an agreement with one of the largest product manufacturers in the world: Panasonic, to fulfill the audiovisual needs of this project that is about to start.

Material Panasonic Proyecto MzunguBesides being great news, it is also the beginning of a relationship that both parts believe that will be very fruitful.

When I decided to undertake an audiovisual project to help make Mzungu Project self-sustainable, the first thing I thought was: “I need to make sure I have great images that show this little big project the best way possible and, for that, quality equipment is a must”.

So I started looking for a solid partner that could grant such equipment. In this search, Panasonic and Mzungu Project met and the connection happened right away. The result: Awesome products for an Epic adventure.

The mission of this almost a 100-Year-Old company is “A Better Life, A Better World”. Imagine, this products with make my life easier and, all together, we will make a better world. It is hard to find such an affinity.

Material Panasonic José Antonio RuizThe key product that has being provided to us, and one I had amazing reviews on, is the superb Lumix GH4 (photo and video). A true luxury! If we add a great set of lenses and quite a few other accessories to the formula, we get a powerful tool to carry out the task of putting before your eyes what’s about to begin.

Besides all this, it is a great honor to become an Ambassador of Panasonic. Thanks a lot for your confidence!

As you can see, more companies firmly believe in Mzungu Project. If your company or any other one you know that could be interested in supporting us in any way, please let them contact meEverything counts!

And that is all for now. Dear friends at Panasonic¡welcome! And to all, see you soon!

PS: To see all partner companies, click here.

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