Mzungu Project welcomes its partner airline: Brussels Airlines!




A few days ago, Mzungu Project reached an agreement with this great airline to take us to Africa safely and in favorable conditions.


From the beginning, Brussels Airlines had shown a great interest in the project and it has been that way ever since.

I could not have found a better partner. Not just due to their interest but also due to the fact that they connect us with Africa in the best way possible. Before this agreement, and for many years, I had flown with them a number of times to the African continent.

I have tried many connections, I have used all airlines and I have missed them when I have not been able to fly with them. From inflight service and entertainment to their professionalism and the amount of destinations they offer in the continent. Even Brussels Airport is great! I always buy some chocolates for my family and a couple of Trappist beers for me.

Tintin Brussels AirlinesBrussels Airlines has never let me down (if you are reading this, good peoples of Brussels, please do not let me down now or I will lose face!! :). You can get to know them here and I invite you all to take them into account when planning your next adventure in Africa (or to go to Belgium! Remember, the chocolate, the Trappists, mussels with fries, Bruges, Ghent…). They will be up to your expectations.

I write this post because, besides our great donors and participants, I think it is important to mention that there are also companies that believe in what we are doing.

If your company or one that you might  think that could be interested in supporting us in any way, please let them contact me. Everything counts!

I take advantage of this occasion to tell you that the dates for the construction of the new school have been already set!! Work will start by the end of next month (April) and I will stay there (in DRC) until the building is ready to be used by many children. It is very exciting and I encourage you to keep supporting the project and spreading the word. It is never late to contribute a little if you have not done so yet or to participate in any other way.

And that is all for now. Dear friends of Brussels Airlines, welcome! and, to all, a big hug. I will be keeping you in the loop as more news arrive.

See you guys soon!

PS: To see all partner companies (when they join), click here.

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