Non-Stop Work! (when possible…)

Oh, no! It happened!! Rain, community delays, and broken vehicles have put the construction virtually to a stop at some points (although we use that time to do other things, of course).


Lack of materials is giving us a hard time and we have had to go really far to find lots of things. Everything becomes a lot tougher when operating in such remote locations and many times our average speed is 4-5 m/h (yes, 4 to 5…). But we cannot stop!!


I knew more or less what to expect before coming but it is still a headache now and then.


But, hey! Thanks to having to go far I can send you this text today and some photos (of he construction work, people, moments… for you to feel closer to us).


Days go by and the construction also moves on. The foundations of the second building are ready to receive bricks and the first building has walls that go way higher than my head (and I am tall). Cool, huh? particularly after all these challenges. And we will keep working every day.


Besides the challenges on the construction, we are also facing some safety problems around here. Fear cannot became part of our lives but precaution can. DRC is such a complex country indeed.


On the positive side, many nights we watch the stars. Skies at night here are truly awesome. On the background, crickets, owls, and who knows what else! Oh! And fireflies!! It is sort of… authentic… magic… Those are good moments to reflect, reload batteries for the next day, and be aware of what we are doing here.


By the way, I talk always in plural as all of you guys who have contributed to the project are here with me at all times. So are the workers, the people that have come to enjoy/suffer with me, those who help in any way, and all those who follow this epic adventure.


And there will be surprises! And very good ones!! For the moment, I can tell you that the first short video will hit TV screens either on June 25th or July 2nd on national Spanish TV, TVE (on channels La 1 and Canal 24h on the show Camara Abierta 2.0 by Daniel Seseña around 8:20am -right after the news block that starts at 8:00am European Time).


For those of you abroad, the show can be seen on streaming here (when the time comes, of course). In any case, I will post the link once broadcasted.


The other surprise… What could it be? What??? You will get to know… :)


Lots of love to all and see you again soon!


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