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Logo TVEI told you a few weeks ago that good things were coming and they are indeed coming. One of them, a very cool one, is that on November 30th at 18:00 (Spanish time), Daniel Seseña, successful journalist and director of TVE’s Cámara Abierta 2.0 show, will interview me for 60 minutes (with live and online audience). It will be broadcasted live on streaming on The event will be also broadcasted on a TV feature on channels La 1 and Canal 24h on a date to be determined.

A Spanish television (TVE) team will cover the interview (in Madrid) where we will talk about the epic odyssey this project is and has been in the deepest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Images/videos of the project will be shown too.

Daniel SeseñaThis new interview format aims to go deeper into content of great interest to the show. The last star on this Daniel Seseña’s format was Javier Fesser, renowned Spanish film director and script writer who has won several Goya awards and was nominated to the Academy Award.

This event is an awesome opportunity for all of us who share this adventure and has the great incentive of being open to participation onsite or online. You will be able to ask questions and I will be there to answer them.

Capacity is limited but it is a wonderful chance to get to know each other in person. It would be great to have you around! Those of you interested in attending onsite, please let me know here or by directly sending me an email to I also invite you to watch it online of course and to hep me spread the word!

Changing the subject, I would like to tell you the news on the project.

Logo Camara AbiertaOn the last post I mentioned that the workers went back to the construction site to finish a few things but they had to stop due to armed conflicts in the area. But do now worry, things have calmed down and in a few days they will go back. At the same time, the government of the country could be changing in the next few weeks which always brings security issues and tension. We are keeping an eye to avoid problems. That is DRC, what can I tell you. I will be keeping you in the loop.

I say good bye for now but will be posting news on the project and the interview on TV, and many other surprises that are yet to come.

Lots of hugs to all and I count on you on November 30th. Please spread the word! We help lots of children just by doing that.

See you soon! 

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