In this section you will find the partners that collaborate with Mzungu Project.

Companies that support this great cause by helping in one way or another. Thank you all!



Almost a 100-Year-Old company, Panasonic is one of the largest product manufacturers in the world, a leader in electronic technologic innovation, and is committed to make people lives simpler at home, at work, and during travel. “A Better Life, A Better World” is their mission. Get to know them at!

Brussels Airlines

This airline, member of Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance, connects the capital of Europe with more than 90 destinations within the old continent, Africa, and the United States. With Brussels Airlines, your adventures in the African continent are closer than ever. Get to know them at!

Tintin Brussels AirlinesTintin Brussels AirlinesBrussels Airlines




Pioneer in the manufacture of end-user portable thermoelectric generation devices, Powerspot is the first company specialising in the development of miniaturised power generation solutions, designed for uses where the grid is inexistent or inaccessible, anytime, anywhere, using any fuel and maintenance and repair free. Get to know them at!





If you are a foreigner and moving to Madrid, this company will help you out by covering all your needs. From immigration paperwork and home searching to language support and orientation. Anything required to easily start your new life in the city. ¡Get to know them at!


If you are a company (or know one that could be interested) and wish to collaborate with Mzungu Project, contact us!