Hello friends!

I hope you had a great summer and are now getting ready for X-Mas.

It has been a little while and I wanted to update you on the last events, the current situation, and what’s coming. Let’s go!


First of all, I wanted to mention the last dinner of the project that took place on June, 30th. Again, it was a great success. Restaurante Gonder offered us a tasty traditional menu that was greatly appreciated, as usual, by all participants.

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We shared the news on Mzungu Project and our thoughts on the development of underprivileged areas of this planet. Thank you all for coming!

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Secondly, regarding the current situation of the project (you can see photos here), with great satisfaction I tell you that the school (the one built last year) is being used to the fullest on a daily basis and the kids, of course, are learning a lot. On the other hand, it is also true that some little things are still pending on the construction but they do not affect the correct use of it.


The problem is that ALL vehicles that serve the construction are down. We have no tractor, no car, nothing. A little disaster. This keeps us from transporting materials and run the necessary errands. In any case, we are working on it but everything goes slow, very slow. The needed spare parts have to be bought in Uganda some 600 miles away. At the same time, we need to bring an Ugandan mechanic. Well, there is a solution for everything in this life but unfortunately this is a great inconvenience. Heavy rains are not helping either but we will keep fighting!


Lastly, I advance that soon there will be a painting and photography exhibition on the project. An awesome event to which you are all invited! It will take place at an art gallery in Madrid (already arranged) and we will have a chance to know each other in person and chat over a glass of wine. Videos on the project will be seen and little auctions will be done on paintings and photos that I am sure you will love. I will keep you updated!


Some project collaborators have started to paint and, having seen some of their work, I am totally fascinated to see SUCH AN AMOUNT OF TALENT serving this cause. If any of you can paint or draw and wants to participate, doors are wide open. You can contact me directly at if you wish to be part of the group of artists. The more, the better. Always a great window to show your work and all styles are welcome!

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And that is all for today. As usual, I so much appreciate your help and invite you to spread this message and share the project so that this family to keep growing.

Should you want to contact me for anything, please send me an email. Anytime.

Hugs to all!


Photos: Jose A. and Fernando C.

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