Dear friends,

After four intense days of exhibition (May 10-13), it is a great pleasure for me to tell you that THE EXHIBITION HAS BEEN A GREAT SUCCESS!!! THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!!!

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We enjoyed an amazing atmosphere, laughter, and, above all, lots of solidarity. Different people participated in the auctions, bought photos, or both things. Some even made “autobids”… and a few made “reautobids” to top their own “autobid”!!!

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But all, all of them shared a good time among good hearts. THANK YOU!!! In the end, many took with them inspiring artwork, shocking photos and, above all, unforgettable memories.

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As promised, during the closing event on Sunday 13th, a raffle took place to win the Smartbox weekend escapade and the fantastic African painting. Two innocent hands from Escuela Ideo were in charge of picking the to winner numbers in front of an expecting audience.

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Every participating person in the event (from painters to photographers -excluding me- and from donors to those taking artwork and photos) had a number. And the two winners were…

Smartbox weekend escapade: Livia Taravella. Actually she was one of the painters. As she lives in Malaga, she will get her prize soon though she has been notified by phone. She could not believe it!! Congratulations Livia!!!

African painting: Alexios. He was present when his number was picked!! And was one of the young painters of the collaborative artworks made at Escuela Ideo. The painting was almost bigger than himself!! Congratulations Alexios!!!

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The money collected reached the sum of 2.515 Euros and has been verified by different people to keep transparency. It will be sent to the DRC when logistics for it is organized which we expect to be asap. Workers in DRC are aware that work will start soon and I am excited to know that many families (those of workers and students) will receive this help. A million thanks for making it possible!!

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And what is coming next? Well, on one side, as I mentioned during the exhibition, this has been the last fundraising event intended for this school. With this money, we will finish all we were committed to and, from now on, it will be up to them to take care of the school. I now have to sit down and plan new projects in new places to reach further, to reach better so that more kids and families have a better horizon. It is for me at times frustrating not being able to solve it all when there is so much need but, at the same time, that is one of the main engines of my drive.

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I would like to thank enormously the effort of the artists that, with different techniques and styles, have reflected the spirit and visual environment of Mzungu Project through their eyes. At the same time, to those professionals who added a spice to the event with their also amazing artwork and to the photographers who also dressed the walls of the gallery with life. To know them all and their exhibited  work, click here!

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I would also like to give a big thank you also to the gallery, Espacio Cultural Abierto, and to her owner, Clara Tengonoff, for her dedication, to Carolina Céspedes for, besides painting, collaborating actively in the organization, to and its Art Lovers Group who promoted the event beyond, to Smartbox for donating the weekend escapade, to Bodegas Lerma (Lerma Winery) for donating an excellent wine, to Ricardo Sanchez from Studio Raw for very quickly preparing and printing the photos at great prices, to Mercedes Elizalde and Escuela Ideo for her creativity and the inclusion of the young ones,  to all those who made the construction of the second school a reality with their contributions (not forgetting Panasonic, Brussels Airlines, Powerspot, and Relocation2Madrid for their support), to Gemma who helped a lot all along the event, to LaraNahal, and Gema, who helped the opening event to run smooth and awesome, and to Raquel Martin and Matilde Morales from the Nordic Walking Club La Maliciosa of Soto del Real that simultaneously to the closing event on Sunday, ran a solidarity walk together with the Terraza Jardín Los Corrales to help the cause.

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And, of course, a very special thank you to those who came to the event. Without you, all efforts would have been in vain. The flow of people was incredible and, not only made of those invited in one or another way, huh? There were people coming in right from the street!! And left delighted to get to know this project.


And, for now, that is all. You know you can always reach out tome through or directly at whatever your question might be.

Strong hugs to all of you and thanks again for everything.

Until soon!!!

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