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Hello everyone!

This is the first blog post about the Mzungu Project. Here we will discuss topics such as, making a difference in Africa, building a school, Democratic Republic of Congo, children’s education, information about the first project that was done, the next project to come, and how these projects affect communities.

So I would like to welcome you all.

The basic idea is to provide relevant content related to the project, to keep you all updated and, of course, to offer you an open window to share and discuss.

You are invited to suggest your own topics, explore the website to know more about the project, to contact me, share information, or comment on anything you find interesting.

A new and fascinating adventure is about to take place, and this is one in which we can all take part, so that is very exciting! I will be delighted to hear from you…

Thank you all in advance for your participation and invite you to share this content with family and friends.

Yours truly,


Jose Antonio Ruiz Diez

Note: I made some adjustments to the mail server of www.mzunguproject.com to improve traffic. I though have noticed that a few emails sent through the Contact Form of the page seem to have been sent during those adjustments and I could not receive them. If you tries to contact me and received no answer, could you please contact me again? I would not want to have someone without his/her answer and I ALWAYS answer.

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